Cory Kruse shoots for the win.
2021Cory Kruse & T Kay Garrett
2019Drew Bounds & Chris Caskey
2018Matt Fisher and Holly Patton
2017Tyler Martin & Gaynelle Storey
2016Cory Kruse
2015Cory Kruse
2014Cory Kruse
2013Drew Bounds
2012Eddie Speed
2011Keith Talley
2010Carey Perry
2009Cory Kruse
2008Robert Hamilton
2007Cory Kruse
2006Cole Storey
2005Doss Bourgeois
2004Ricky Hileman
2003Scott Bellaire
2002Doss Bourgeois
2001Scott Bellaire
2000Mark Cruse
1999Scott Bellaire
1998Kyle Reeves
1997Gilbert Sims